The Cross of Calvary: How to Understand the Work of the Cross

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I came to find out in all of this, that most of the modern church has little idea how to live for God. Oh yes, one can definitely be Saved without knowing how to properly live for the Lord, but one most definitely cannot walk in victory without knowing how to live for God.

Stations of the Cross

If one does not understand the message of the Cross, even as it was given to the Apostle Paul, then simply put, such a believer does not know how to live for God. The revelation of the message of the cross. After seeking the Lord day and night, so often with tears, for a period of some six years, suddenly and without warning, the Lord began to open up to me that for which I had so long sought.

I had spent some six years in concentrated prayer, seeking the Lord, imploring Him for guidance and direction. Let me make something clear: The daily vigil of prayer purchased me nothing with God.

Bill Johnson - Communion and the Finished Work of the Cross (Powerful Sermon 2017)

As stated, it was for the purpose of my getting to know Him in a more personal way. In other words, He was preparing me for this Revelation of the Cross which He would give to me.

What is the real meaning of the cross? -

For years I had known what He could do, but now I was learning, on a personal basis, Who He was, a description, incidentally, which can never be exhausted. Very early, probably about 6 a. Kenneth Wuest, a noted Greek Scholar and Brother, whose great love for the Lord was obvious in his writings. I can remember getting up from behind my desk and pacing back and forth across my office, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Reward Yourself

It is the sin nature, and your lack of understanding about how it works and how it is to be controlled. He just simply told me this was what constituted my problem, which also is the problem of every single Believer in the world who does not understand what the Lord gave to Paul, and which Paul gave to us.

It is the 6th Chapter of Romans which deals with this extremely important subject, which I will explain momentarily to a greater degree. Countless times, I had sought the Lord earnestly, asking Him how I could have the help of the Holy Spirit in doing the Work of the Lord, but not have His help regarding victory over the world, the flesh, and the Devil. I knew in my heart that this was not the way it was supposed to be, but, at that time, I did not have the knowledge about how perpetual victory could be attained. To be sure, I was greatly blessed in my prayer vigils, which I continue unto this hour, and will ever continue, but I did not there find the victory I so earnestly sought.

For a while, I would pray an hour each day; then it got to the place where I would get up in the middle of the night and pray another hour. The reason I did this was because I did not know what else to do; I was fighting for my very life. It does not matter who that person is, whether he is the Pastor of the largest Church in the world, or whether he is the Evangelist who draws the biggest crowds.

Discover what Good Friday means to Christians

It is inevitable! The entire Book of Galatians, but especially the 5th Chapter, is a warning from Paul to the Church at Galatia, which is also meant for us. As stated, such is inevitable! In effect, it is the same as Old Testament times, when Israel would begin to worship idols instead of Jehovah. To be sure, Israel actually referred to these idols as Jehovah; but the Lord definitely did not look at it in the same manner! And neither does He look any differently at modern idolatry!

Work of the Cross

It was in one of the morning prayer meetings, actually only a few days after the Lord had given to me the Revelation of the sin nature. At that time, I was seeking the Lord, actually asking Him to reveal to me the solution to this problem. How are we to address the sin nature?

How can we control it? He began to speak to my heart. The solution which you seek is found only in the Cross! The Ground Zero Cross, as it quickly became known, was Installed on a mound of rubble and sprinkled with holy water by a Catholic priest who said masses beneath it. The cross attracted devout pilgrims and curious tourists without notable controversy, until it was brought into the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

The museum prevailed in court, however, on the grounds its exhibit had already made the transition from religious symbol to historical artifact.

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For Jensen, modern-day debate over the meaning of the cross is nothing new. It took centuries of theological debate and devotional practices for the cross to assume what has seemed ever since to most Christians to be its rightful place as the ultimate emblem of faith, and even then its meaning has continued to evolve.

In the immediate aftermath of the crucifixion it was hard enough for some Jesus followers to accept that God could die at all.

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  • Although such beliefs may have been widespread enough to have left their mark in the Gospels in the mysterious figure of Simon, and certainly did linger into the second century—when they were condemned by orthodox Church fathers—docetism was eventually marginalized. Mainstream Christianity rallied around the response of St. And the crucifix—Christ on the cross—trailed far behind, not coming into common usage until the sixth century, startlingly late, given how ubiquitous it would become. Those first crucifixes are strange to modern Western eyes, bearing a serenely triumphant Christ, victorious over death.

    Often he wears a full robe of imperial purple and a crown of authority, not thorns , and seems hardly to be suffering. The Middle Ages vastly preferred the latter. Centuries later, unearthed by Helena, it has become the new tree of life, plated in gold, silver and jewels, exalted beyond all other trees. The Christ upon that tree of life—nearly naked, chin drooping and belly collapsed, crowned with thorns, with rivulets of blood flowing over him—is the embodiment of St. The intensity of the desire for a sympathetic, merciful deity who knew intimately human pain is visible in everything from the stigmata borne by St.

    Francis of Assisi, the first ever recorded, to the Isenheim Altarpiece. Anthony near Isenheim, whose monks ran a hospital with a reputation for providing care during plagues and at all times for those suffering from skin diseases. The crucified Christ, in addition to his other marks of torture, is pitted with ulcers, a graphic avowal to patients that Jesus fully experienced their afflictions. The Catholic response was to double down on the richness and detail of the imagery, creating one of the enduring boundary markers of the two branches of Christianity.