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I may have said this about a few of the couples in her previous books, but I can honestly say Lucas and Becca are my favorites so far! I loved that Luca I've read every one of Claire Kingsley's books and continue to be pleasantly surprised at the unique storylines and depth of character development. I loved that Lucas didn't just support and encourage Becca to face her fears, he pushed her and walked right beside her as she did it. They both became better versions of themselves thanks to the other.

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And good heavens, there was some steam! I can honestly say I loved every single word of this story! I fell in love with these characters in the first book of the series and couldn't wait to read Becca's story. In the first book, we learn that Becca is in a long-term relationship, not yet engaged. But circumstances change in Could Be the One and Becca's now single. Leaving everything, she moves to Jetty Beach to start fresh Becca reaches out to Lucas to help her conquer her fears and step outside her comfort zone, which Lucas easily agrees to help with.

However, how far will they go in this challenge? This was an unbelievably fun and energetic read. Definitely a great series and I cannot get enough of this author!! The best yet I love friends to lovers stories and this one is great. Becca gets dumped after being with a guy for four years. Tired of everyone trying to coddle her, she decides to move to Jetty Beach, where her her friend Juliet lives.

New apartment, new job, and new next door neighbor, Lucas. The two soon become buddies, and Lucas challenges her to step out of her comfort zone and try new things. You will laugh at this feel good story and sigh when you flip the last page. Claire delivers again The best yet I love friends to lovers stories and this one is great. Claire delivers again! Sexy and sweet There is a fair amount that I could say about our heroine who is finally making a move to stand on her own two feet. Or our sexy hero who has sworn off relationships. But really sexy and sweet pretty much sums up this one.

Claire continues to charm me with her characters and storytelling. If you're looking for an easy, engaging read, pick this one. Friends to lovers I love a good friends to loves romance. Lucas and Becca are great together and so funny. They just click. The twists and turns of this book add to its overall greatness.

Must read. Love love love Okay so I am seriously in love with everything Jetty Beach but I think Lucas and Becca may be my favorite couple so far.

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I loved how Lucas was able to help bring Becca out of her shell. This story was fantastic. Good girl goes Naughty Words. What to write? Jesus, is it hot in here? Lucas is the hot bad boy who lives next door. This book is hot but is full of so much love too!! Such a sweet love story Lucas and becca meant to be! It takes a little while and even longer for Lucas to realize what's happening to him..

He is in love with becca! He takes her in a lot of adventures and in the end the best one yet! Loved it!!!

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Lucas is the perfect friend to help Becca find her wild side, and boy do they find it!! Apr 30, Yiming Woo rated it really liked it. Apr 29, Cecly Ann rated it it was amazing. I love how Lucas got taken down.. I enjoyed reading through Becca's character and seeing her change from second guessing her decisions to being forthright. Totally enjoyable read. Adorable Becca and Lucas were adorable. She is so sweet and he is just so naughty Loved the reference to Sandy in Grease. BookTubeAThon Day 4. Mar 02, Ann rated it really liked it Shelves: in-my-library , , small-town , contemporary-romance , fav-author.

Cute story, but loses half a star for the "darling" endearment.

Freaking hate when the Hero calls the heroine that. Absolutely loved it!!! My first book by this author and it sure won't be my last!!!

A Perfect Day Trip Down the Beautiful Great River Road

Such a sweet story and it had everything I love in a book. Oh, Claire, you have done it again!

Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Cover by 6-Year-Old Claire Crosby

Another swoon-worthy romance! After getting dumped instead of engaged, Becca needs a change of scenery pronto and moves to Jetty Beach, where her bestie Juliet has relocated. Luckily for Becca, Finn's pal, Lucas, has a vacancy in the building he owns. They hit it off when they cross paths again, having briefly met before Oh, Claire, you have done it again!

They hit it off when they cross paths again, having briefly met before , and strike up a friendship. When Becca decides it's time to lighten up her play-it-safe, good-girl, Sandy-from-Grease ways, Lucas is all too happy to oblige in corrupting her Naturally, feelings get involved despite both agreeing that their sexcapades would come with no strings attached.

I love the manwhore-falls-in-love-without-even-realizing-it trope, and Claire does it well. Lucas' determination to not let himself be vulnerable ever again is totally relatable, and I felt every ache and pain and awkward moment that Becca went through. I was so cheering for these two to work out their own issues and find their way back to each other!

And the twist with Becca's ex-boyfriend?

Didn't see that one coming! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review. I really wish I was living someplace like Jetty Beach! Honestly, every book Claire Kingsley writes about this place seems to involve hot alpha men, small town life and good times! I need this in my life! This story is about poor sheltered Becca, after finding out that her boyfriend of fours years is not going to propose to her like she had thought, instead he is breaking up with her and moving on with someone else, she has the option of moving back in with her very controlling parents who treat I really wish I was living someplace like Jetty Beach!

This story is about poor sheltered Becca, after finding out that her boyfriend of fours years is not going to propose to her like she had thought, instead he is breaking up with her and moving on with someone else, she has the option of moving back in with her very controlling parents who treat her like a child or she could move to Jetty Beach like her friend Juliet did when she met her man Finn and start new, on her own.

Doing this she finds herself neighbors with Lucas, friends with Finn, and resident love em' and leave em' type who owns the building she lives in. Quickly the two become fast friends despite how different they are. Juliet asks Lucas to help bring out her wild side- what starts out as fun and games end up an emotional roller coaster ride they both can't get off. Claire Kingsley, I don't how you keep coming up with these awesomesauce plots, ok that was bad but I thank you! That was a funny sexy sweet, loving book that actually left me feeling happy when I finished!

I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book Favorite book in this series. If there is one thing Claire Kingsley is good at, it is that she writes wonderful stories that you can't stop reading until you've reached the end. Once you start reading Could Be the One, you can't wait to see where the story takes you. I volunteered to review an advanced readers copy of this book. Absolutely wonderful!! I have loved every one of Claire's books and with every one I think "This is my favorite".

Then she writes another one that blows me away. Great book with lots of heart and sexy!! Two broken hearted people connect!! Lucas had a cheating ex. But friends can become friends with benefit and come to realize that they truly love each other. Claire really brings us "back to Jetty Beach with this great story!!

I volunteered to review an ARC in order to provide an honest review. OMG, I don't know where to start. Lucas and Becca's characters were SO relate-able. I think we all want to do something or they something new after a major life event. Brandon and Valerie, talk about a small world. Great read! There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. Like a trusted friend, she guides us through the confounding tale of her dazzling brother Finley, their beguiling mother Posey, and a town where shiny surfaces often belie reality. You'll be glad you indulged in this eloquent exploration of colorful and complex family dynamics. Just glorious. Every sentence tells a complete story. Tightly written, each descriptive phrase renders an image so completely — it causes the reader to hunger for the next sentence…This is a beautifully written novel.

It deserves recognition and praise. The novel travels through childhood into adulthood with grace, poise, and elegance — a wonderful summer read. If you want to know the real South of the s, read Mourning Dove. You also find yourself pulled in to the landscape and forget you exist in a present.

You are present in the past. Readers will fall in love with Finley and Millie, and will root for both of them until the end. And yes, we are also sympathetic towards their mother Posey. A jewel of a novel. Susan Cushman - Author. Rarely have I read anything with such a finely-tuned and perfectly detailed sense of time and place.

The author depicts the cultural enormity of two young children's move from suburban Minneapolis to deeply Southern, Memphis high society at the most vulnerable time of their lives with clarity, heart, and remarkably observed detail. Alison Henderson — Writer.

Where Scout and Jem experience these from a protected and privileged distance in To Kill a Mockingbird, Millie and Finley are more often than not left to their own devices. The siblings maneuver across both literal and figurative borders with no guidance from the adults in their lives—who admittedly seem less prepared or willing to manage these borders for themselves. It speaks to readers across different barriers in the same way that her novel oscillates. North to South. Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial. The hard-learned lessons she captures know no boundaries and have no mercies.

Mourning Dove is a novel we not only read, but listen to as we would a teacher filled hard won wisdom. I'm talking distinctive, authoritative, original as all get out. Narrator Millie Crossan will grab you by your high-ball-holding hand and set you down in privileged Memphis with her family and not let you go. Get ready for the Crossan layers to be peeled back and universal struggles exposed.

A true Southern storyteller. With a strong sense of place and an authentic voice, Claire Fullerton captures the longing and angst of an aristocratic Southern family. The narrator Millie and her brother, Finley will stay with readers long after this novel is read. Mourning Dove is smart, well-written Southern Fiction. On the Audible Book : Be prepared to be hypnotized by this gripping family story of love read with bravado by the author—. I am writing while listening to the former Rock radio disc jockey Ms.

One is transported to the atmospheric scenes of this beautifully scripted novel as narrated by the young Camille Millie Crossan, the younger sister of the dynamic touchstone Finley. Laura Jane Sanderson Healy. Audible Audiobook : This book, so well written, contains a story in every sentence. It's absolutely lyrical, such a brilliant study of Southern US life and influences.

A coming of age book written by the adult, looking back at her extraordinary older brother and his life, how it affected her -- this life strangely led by a charismatic brilliant young man. Read it to be entertained but also read it to learn. I recommend this book most heartily.

Claire | Village Books: Building Community One Book at a Time

Claire Fullerton nails it. Mourning Dove is a wonderful narrative with purpose, direction and an emblematic linchpin. I found myself being drawn back to it again and again.